Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trey Casimir Announces his Candidacy for 85th District Seat

In his office on Market St. in Lewisburg, Trey Casimir today announced his intention to run on the Democratic ticket for the 85th District seat being vacated by Russ Fairchild. Casimir said, “A bunch of my friends asked me to run for the seat back in December, but I had no beef with Russ, and I wasn’t eager to have my head handed to me again after my failed run for the 23rd District Senate seat in 2008. However, after Russ announced his resignation, I had to look at the situation in a whole new light.”

Casimir announced that, although he will be seeking his party’s nomination, and hopes to be on the ballot in November, he won’t be campaigning in the traditional sense. “Did you know that $2.7 billion was spent on state and local races in America in 2008?” he asked. “Another $6.3 billion was spent on federal races. And the person who spent the most money won 9 out of 10 times. I don’t know about you, but that seems really messed up to me, both in terms of the total amount spent and the correlation between money spent and the chances of winning. I have been elected to the Lewisburg Borough Council twice now, and haven’t spent a dime in either race. I am going to try to accomplish the same thing at the state level, or at least not to spend more than $250, which is the level at which campaign finance reporting kicks in.”

When asked if he thought it was realistic to seek a state House seat without spending more than $250, Casimir responded, “I would love to have the job, and I think I’d be able to do an excellent job and make my constituents in the 85th District proud. However, the senate race in 2008 almost ruined me, and it was a big strain on my family. Also, although I’m proud that I was four times more efficient than my opponent in terms of dollars spent for votes received, I still spent almost $70,000 of my own, friends’ and family members’ money, and at the end of the day had nothing more to show for it than an extended, extremely interesting but exhausting tour of the 23rd District.”

When asked if his announcement means he is accepting political reality and giving up before he runs, Casimir said, “Hell, no. What I’m saying is that a lot of us are fed up with the beauty pageant that modern electoral politics has become. I believe that the Founding Fathers would be sick if they could see what we have done with our elections. If we don’t change our attitudes as voters, the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow unlimited corporate and other funds into the electoral process means that the best-funded candidate will win 10 out of 10 times. As an American, I don’t accept that you can only buy an election. I am pretty well known around here, from my service on Borough Council to chairing the Lewisburg Area Recreation Authority, to running for the state senate. I will answer any question from a voter or reporter – I’m in the phone book, you can contact me at casimir3@gmail.com and I’ll be stating my positions on a blog at http://treyforpa85th.blogspot.com. I’ll also attend debates and forums, but I won’t be making any TV ads, and if you want a yard sign you’ll have to make it yourself. The only people I’ll be hurting are the political consultants, advertising agents and campaign managers I won’t be hiring. If I win, I’ll do my best to look out for the interests of my constituents, and I’ll be thrilled to be a standard bearer for a return to government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Casimir was next asked what the main topics are that face the state and the region. “In the state, especially here in Central PA, the Marcellus Shale is both the number one opportunity and the number one risk. Although not many people in the 85th District will get rich from gas drilling activity, we will certainly suffer the consequences of any accidents that occur upstream. And the whole state stands to benefit from increased revenues associated with leasing state lands, royalties received on gas extracted from those lands and taxes that are paid by the gas companies on the gas that is extracted from the ground. We have to work with the gas industry, state agencies, counties and local municipalities to get it right. Locally, we have to keep moving on the Susquehanna Thruway. The stagnation created by this project being on hold for 30 plus years is weighing on our region, keeping property owners in limbo, interfering with the smooth flow of people and goods through our region and keeping the Golden Strip a Golden Swamp, as far as traffic is concerned. Speaking of the smooth flow of goods and people, we also have to do everything we can to stop the tolling of Interstate 80. Finally, we have to work harder to support, honor and protect the most stable and prosperous industry we have in Central PA – our farmers.”

Finally, Casimir was asked what can be expected from him during the campaign and if he’s elected. “If I am elected, you can expect me to do as I have done during my service on the Lewisburg Borough Council – to reach across boundaries to find common purpose and mutual interest, and then to work my butt off to get things done. I am proud of the hundreds of hours I have put in co-chairing the sub-committee that has finally delivered an updated and improved Zoning Ordinance to the Lewisburg Borough Council. And I am proud that I was able to re-write the Intergovernmental Agreement that governs LARA’s existence to the mutual satisfaction of its participating municipalities, making it shorter and simpler in the process. And I am very proud that the committee I chair has been able to keep the Buffalo Valley Rail-Trail project on track, and that it is well on its way to becoming a great amenity for Union County. As far as the campaign is concerned, you can count on me to keep doing my job as a Lewisburg Borough Council member, my job as an acupuncturist caring for my patients, and my job as a husband and father providing for my beautiful family. If the residents of the 85th District choose me as their representative, they can count on me to put on my suit and tie and show up in Harrisburg, ready to work. However, I won’t be riding any floats, wearing make-up for my close-up or otherwise participating in the beauty pageant that our political campaigns have become.”

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  1. Good luck, Trey! You had our vote last time, you'll have it again!